The individual value of a vehicle is different for everyone. For some they are highly treasured subjects, while for others they are basic commodities. However, the fact is that we spend a lot of time inside of our vehicles and master long distances. Because of the daily use, it is impossible to prevent vehicles from being contaminated. These get into the vehicle through clothing, food, drinks, shopping, the transport of flowers, etc. and of course through diseases such as cold, flu, and so on. The likelihood of contamination is higher during the cold and humid season, however, as soon as contamination has occurred, the pathogens develop further into the warmer seasons.

In the event of contamination through bacteria or fungi, the odor in the vehicle changes noticeably. This is not the case with viruses. In addition, germs and bacteria develop in the air-conditioning system. A simple change of the filter usually does not eliminate them. All in all, we always have a source of danger in the vehicles, since over 90% of all vehicles are contaminated with bacteria, viruses and fungi.

With our Carbioclean and a specifically developed process, we are able to clean 99,99% of alle viruses, bacteria and fungi in all vehicles.

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